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You are grooving and moving in your doula business but feel....



👉🏾 You want to streamline your business processes.

👉🏿 You need accountability and an action plan.

👉🏻 You want to move forward with clarity.


👉🏾 The overwhelm of your to-do list is causing the inability to accomplish anything.

👉🏿 You're unclear on your top priorities.

👉🏻 You feel as though you will never get ahead.


👉🏾 The idea of using laser focused energy on projects is intimidating.

👉🏿 You don't move ahead because you don't want to miss a step .

👉🏻 Feel limited with your knowledge of new tools / software to proceed.

We've all been there. That place of wanting to get started and just not knowing where to start. Or wanting to create the perfect booking system but you're just not sure what you're missing.

Well listen, there is always someone who has been where you are and I'm happy to report that some of those people have teamed up to offer you step by step opportunities to get past these barriers and hit the ground running with immediately implementable strategies.

If you already know that this is exactly what you need for your business, head on over and book a session (or three) with one of our Mentors. 👉🏼

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60 min Coaching Session


One Time Payment

  • 4-hour Virtual Masterclass & Workshop including: Blogging, Consultations, Email Lists (value $291)
  • Live Q/A Session for Each Class (value $110)
  • Continued Access to Replays in Your Private Student Area (value $197)
  • PDF Resources/Templates for Each Masterclass ($81)
  • BONUS: $50 Coupon for the Doula Business Roadmap Course (released in October)
  • BONUS:
  • BONUS:

Your business deserves a boost

...we know that you can accomplish great things. We want to propel your success and celebrate the small & BIG wins.

INTRODUCING: The Doula Biz Masterclass Sampler

A 4-hour workshop that helps you take the overwhelm out of in-person and online communication with potential clients by teaching you easy-to-implement systems that will increase your confidence and results.

MASTERCLASS 01: Intro to Blogging

Want to add a blog component to your website but don’t know where to start?  In this masterclass we will talk about the workflow to get your blog post from idea to marketing using keywords & phases to optimize your searchability.

RESOURCES PROVIDED: Cheat Sheet of Topic Sources, Blogging Outline, Marketing Strategy for Your Blogs

MASTERCLASS 02: Rocking Your Consultations

How are your potential clients reaching and booking with you? We'll dive into responding to the inquiries, committing to a time, using a scheduler app to help the client commit, options for where to meet. We'll also review what to bring with you, the flow of the consult, how to end the meeting and strategies for follow up.


MASTERCLASS 03: Starting an Email List

In this masterclass you will learn how to set up a landing page, how to create a free resource, create a marketing strategy to get people on your list and finally, how to serve your list once you have one.

RESOURCES PROVIDED: Canva Template for Free Resource, Marketing Strategy Roadmap, New Subscriber Email Welcome Sequence, Suggested Subject Lines & Content Ideas

Why You Need to Be There...

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Meet Your Mentors

Rebecca Bakker


I’m a creator, idea gal, helper and total business nerd. On any given Saturday night you can find me on a couch, with a glass of wine, creating and developing systems that make life easier.

As a PPD warrior, I’m also obsessed with the pre & postnatal season of life and being a part of a revolution that protects and honours this sacred space.

I’ve combined my love for creating + my passion for business + my burning desire to create change and turned it into support for the true difference-makers. You. The Doula.

I want to help you succeed. That means whatever you need to run a successful business, I’ve got your back. You get out there and support those families, and I’ll be over here creating whatever you need to be the difference maker that you are.

With an Instagram following of close to 10k and an email list over 2000 subscribers, Rebecca is well versed in growing and connecting with an audience through Instagram content and growing an email list and community by creating valuable free resources that leads to paying customers.

Yamel Belen

OWNER OF One Love Doula Services

Yamel sees her role as one to provide well rounded and evidenced-based support and guidance throughout the prenatal, pregnancy, labor/birth and immediate postpartum period. Experienced as a registered Nurse with years of Paediatric case management experience as well as within the leadership space.

One Love Doula Services was launched in Tampa as a solo practice and has quickly grown to a collaborative team of over 6 doulas with diverse backgrounds and specialties. With the help of Rebecca of The Doula Toolbox Yamel has been able to further her dream and launch further services to families not directly in Tampa and is now providing support and education to doulas with the same passion and drive as her within The Doula Toolbox community.

Yamel wants to be able to motivate you and be a source of information from a space of experience and lots of independent research as well as trial and error with proven success. Yamel has been able to master how to own a room and truly remove any self limiting fear in order to highlight her strengths and what sets apart her company via community relationships and media exposure.

Let's work in collaboration, move your business forward and continue to build upon your doula career.

Erika Matkvoich


Erika is the proud owner and postpartum doula of The Maternal Sidekick. For the last few years, Erika has been working on gaining exposure and booking clients on a consistent basis. With the guidance of The Doula Toolbox, Erika has seen organic growth in her social media following and improvement on how to become an inspiring mentor to other aspiring doulas.

Her passions include supporting early postpartum families and expanding her reach through a variety of avenues such as running her own website and social media, connecting with local mom groups and networking with professionals.

Learning from her own experiences, Erika wants to give fellow doulas and birth workers the tips and tricks that will help elevate their own businesses, without having to struggle with the learning curves of navigating entrepreneurship.

Erika wants to give you the inspiration and tools to start attracting clients and keep moving the needle forward within your business. With her quirky personality and a love of seeing others succeed, Erika will be your biggest cheerleader.

How You'll Feel After a Mentoring Sessions (aka our promise to you)...


👉🏾 CONFIDENT + empowered that you finally have a realistic content strategy that helps you show up and add value outside of social media.

👉🏿 EXCITED to spend less time testing and trying systems because you're gaining easy to implement strategies.

👉🏻 RELIEVED that your efforts are going to be productive and you're going to start making things happen.

👉🏼 SO HAPPY that you'll be showing up to consultations with a plan and leaving your potential clients ready to sign that dotted line.

You'll know exactly how to serve and add value, how to speak so your audience will listen, and finally feel in control of your marketing efforts.

Ready to take things up a notch and own the rest of this year? Reserve your spot now! 👉🏼

Still have questions?


60 in Coaching Session


One Time Payment

  • 4-hour Virtual Masterclass & Workshop including: Blogging, Consultations, Email Lists (value $291)
  • Live Q/A Session for Each Class (value $110)
  • Continued Access to Replays in Your Private Student Area (value $197)
  • PDF Resources/Templates for Each Masterclass ($81)
  • BONUS: $50 Coupon for the Doula Business Roadmap Course (released in October)
  • BONUS:
  • BONUS:

🙋 You've Got Q's...

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