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DoulaBoss Business Membership


As a new entrepreneur, it was so tough to get my hands on quality resources with a limited, new-business-owner budget...


I Would Get Excited About a New Program Until I Saw The Price Tag...

And then end up feeling defeated and frustrated because I just wasn't able to pay those high price tags for useful resources.


I Would Hear All The Time "If You Really Want Something You'll Find a Way"...

And this is true to a point, but let's get real... many times it's about more than giving up your daily Starbucks to afford something useful for your business.


I Would Cringe at The Concept That You Have to Spend Money to Make Money...

And while I understand from experience that investing in your business is important and necessary... I don't agree that it should feel stressful and totally out of reach.

DoulaBoss Business Membership Will Give You Powerful Resources at Your Fingertips...

Without The High Price Tag

Friend, this isn't a promise of an overnight success. It IS a promise to bite-sized tools, trainings and strategy that you can take and implement right away.

What do I mean by bite-sized?

No long courses. No long time commitments for learning. Decide what you need in your business, choose from a library of Masterclasses and get to work.

Oh... and a monthly dose of live coaching and support from myself and doula mentors.


Doulas Are an Important and Necessary Resource in Our Society and it's Time to Start Showing up in a Big Way.

DoulaBoss Business Membership is The Doula Toolbox Way of Helping Every Doula Get What They Need for Success.

  • If you're feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your business, I hear you. I see you. I've been there. DoulaBoss Business Membership is the perfect solution for business growth on your new-business-owner budget.
  • If you're struggling and unsure about the the tools that would work best for you and your business, DoulaBoss Business Membership will give you the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything without a huge investment.
  • If you're frustrated with long courses that take weeks to get through and want training with immediate implementable action.


A Note From Rebecca...

I realized something really important not too long ago. My real mission...

It SUCKS knowing that you have a super-power that could seriously impact someone else's life but you don't have resources to grow your biz & to get in front of the the people who really need you.

I have felt this pain a few too many times and so my ultimate mission is to help you avoid that same pain. You need to be out there working your magic, leading with compassion and supporting people where ever they are on their family-makin' journey without the back-of-the-mind worries of not knowing how to grow your business.

DoulaBoss Business Membership is my way of letting you know that I've got your back. Let's do this together.

Rebecca Xo



DoulaBoss Business Membership

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