To be honest,

this was kind of an accident... 


A really happy accident. Serendipitous if you will. You see, I didn’t even know what a doula was until two years after my twins were born. So how on earth did I end up serving doulas, helping them grow their biz and why am I so darn passionate about it?

I’m so glad you asked…

The Serendipitous Part

{discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way}

Postpartum hit me hard and I was angry. Why did everyone just laugh and say “oh you just wait” when I was expecting twins? Where were the offers for help? Where were the tips for recovery? I ended up experiencing PPD and anxiety and felt so alone and ashamed. I felt so blind-sided that I wanted to do something about the lack of attention and care that new parents were getting. It didn’t have to be this way.

I got to work and started creating resources for new parents.

And honestly, I thought they would fly off the proverbial shelves. What new parent wouldn’t want to set themselves up for postpartum success?

As it turns out, LOADS of people weren’t interested in setting themselves up for postnatal success. Here’s what I learned (the hard way). New parents aren’t super interested in learning from other parents. The most popular objection being: Oh no, we’ve got things under control. This baby is going to fit into our lives. Right.

I was feeling frustrated. I wanted to make a difference so badly. I didn’t want people to suffer the way I had, or have long lasting effects like I do (hello anxiety 🙋🏼‍♀️). But I was missing the little shining light in all of this. And that was you, the doula.

Doulas kept showing up. Commenting. Encouraging. Sharing.

And then one day my own mom shone that light a little brighter and said… well if it’s doulas who are showing up, then why don’t you combine forces to make the difference you want to make?

Mic Drop.

{moms are just so darn smart sometimes}


I got to work serving the doula community and wow, did things go quickly. It turns out we really needed each other.

All of a sudden I found myself combining my passion for creating change in the pre and postnatal world with my natural secret sauce (and years of experience) of marketing and business strategy and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I talk a lot about being open to different paths to your calling and this is exactly why! 

My Biz Knowledge

{aka my secret sauce}

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a planner. I love to strategize. I love to explore businesses and dig into all of the moving parts. 

Most of all, I love helping others reach goals. From working in physical rehabilitation, to becoming a Personal Trainer I was constantly invested in people’s outcomes.


I moved on from one-to-one work and soon dove into consulting, successfully helping other businesses raise their bottom line (one by 300%). It was like a puzzle. I was always looking for the best ways to stand out and offer unique value.

Somewhere in between all of this, an entrepreneurial fire was lite by a good friend. I was introduced to the world of online business and I dedicated myself to finding a way to make my own mark.

After a number of years working at my own biz as a side hustle, I took a leap of faith and went all in. I’m a full time entrepreneur LOVING that the universe has led me to you.






{and what it means to me}

As much as I love being an entrepreneur, it doesn’t come without challenges. One of my biggest frustrations (get ready for a 'heck yes' moment) was the not so talked about COST of building your own empire.

I get it. I do. I didn’t expect it to be free, but it felt like every time I turned around I was being challenged to come up with more cash than I was making and that disheartening question of ‘can I really make this work?’ played over and over. I constantly heard ‘if you really want it you’ll find a way’ and hey, I’m all about it and I did find a way many, many times… but not always.

Listen. I’m not saying that the things that cost a lot weren’t worth it. I’m a cheerleader for charging what you’re worth and valuing other people’s knowledge. BUT! I just really struggled trying to find things that were accessible to where I was in my business.

 I don’t want that same struggle for you and that’s why I’m committed to accessibility.

I want you to succeed. {big time}

The programs and products that I create are designed for you to take implementable action, one step at a time. They are also designed so that there is something for everyone, where ever you are in business or in life.

My Mission for You

i want you to succeed. {big time}


You deserve to live your best life. We all do. Whatever success looks like for you, I’m behind it. If it's a set of gold teeth, let's do it. If it's shag carpet in your Camero, I'm in. Your dreams are a pretty big deal to me.

My Mission for Us

we’re creating a movement.


Here’s what I know we have in common. You’re a heart-centred entrepreneur and you want to create change. So do I. Based on my own experience and based on what I see around me. We can create that change together.

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there is no joy without gratitude.

~ brené brown

I have had the the good fortune of receiving knowledge, support and guidance in times that it just wasn’t accessible to me by family and beautiful friends. People who have always believed in me. I’m forever grateful and will forever feel happily compelled to pay it forward.


kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give.

~ unknown

In my twenties I had a shirt that read: KINDNESS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. I loved the message and committed myself to leading with kindness. Is it always easy? Nope. But it’s something that I know I can turn to for guidance in both business and life. My hope is that kindness shines through in all that I do. 

Maybe We Have Something In Common…

sweet or salty?


take my money


secret superpower


favourite food


guilty pleasure


jeans or leggings?


number of lipsticks owned


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